Tax Software - Just dropped and need recommendations

does anyone remember what tax software Vosk uses? I remember him mentioning one in one of his videos, but I can’t remember the name.

After months of frustration with and no relevant responses from there support team, I deleted my account and have asked for a prorated refund - they usually only give them within 30 days, but I hope they’ll understand that I was trying to give them an honest chance before cutting off my relationship.

I’m also curious about other people’s experiences with coin tracker, but I don’t want to turn this into a flame thread where I don’t get an answer on my original question.

This is a great community, and thank you for your help!

Also if you’re just going to recommend not paying tax, then keep that recommendation to yourself. Not trying to be an a******, but I’ve seen questions like this fill with people asking why you would want to pay taxes instead of giving real recommendations.

lol, nothing? Was hoping folks would jump on this one?