Team Red Miner v0.10.2 Ethash "smooth power" patch release fixing

General Info Of Team Red Miner

Team Red Miner or TRM for short is one of the most productive manners for AMD graphics cards. The miner runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. Team Red Miner works with almost all cryptocurrency algorithms, mining of which is carried out on video cards. The standard commission manner for most algorithms is 2.5%, for Et hash 1% for Navi/Vega graphics cards and 0.75% for Polaris. TRM successfully works with video cards with a 4GB memory capacity on Ethereum, even after the size of the DAG file has exceeded 4GB. At the same time, as in the case of other programs, mining goes with a reduced hashrate.

With the latest versions, it includes rewritten Ethash cores and new mining modes for all types of GPUs. This means that you should get a better hashrate with slightly less power consumption on the most recent AMD GPUs. In general, Team Red Miner (TRM) behaves similarly to other AMD Temash manners, the key difference is additional mining modes (B/C modes) that use additional VRAM on GPUs for further positive effect.


Y = Supported
N = Not supported
L = Limited support: algos are supported on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro drivers, not supported on ROCm drivers.


Navi – RX 5700(XT)/5600(XT)/5500(XT) for supported algos in the table below.
Big Navi – RX 6900XT, RX 6800(XT), RX 6700(XT), RX6600XT – same support as for Navi.
Vega – RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE, Radeon VII (Vega 2)
Polaris – RX 580/480/570/470/560/460/550
Fiji – R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano, MI8 (supported but with very limited testing).
Tonga/Antigua – R9 285/285X/380/380X, W7100, S7150 (beta support from 0.8.2. Only ethash+kawpow available.)

Download the latest version:

Linux: teamredminer-v0.10.2-linux.tgz
Linux: teamredminer-v0.10.2-linux-armhf.tgz

README highlights:

  • GPU: Tweaked Polaris ethash tuning to work better with the new smooth-power setup.
  • GPU: Fix for Autolykos crashing on Polaris and 4GB GPUs.
  • GPU: Fix for Eth+Ton dual mining crashes with new smooth-power setup.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  e35abaee6131910e4a8753ebba74c2a3628714db379a33373bb6913f88371c9c
MD5     teamredminer.exe  8915d11eff42e75983159947a9c1e748
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      a138bbed75361838f9e1c26e1d1167619a2393e40821731610b5cee585fec7ae
MD5     teamredminer      9351169eeebda5d277ace3033b1fb071
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      bdd452d50b3735e8d6e14ab144fcd0c0f24a4e93d5e31419953fb543c69942fd
MD5     teamredminer      2e6c9e44739f84342ba0372831854fa3

Nitro+ 580 8GB Samsung, core 1150@840mV, mem 2100@840mV, ref 30

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A256 30.73 MH/s sensor 79.66W
0.8.0 A-mode A194 30.97 MH/s sensor 78.25W -1.41W
0.8.0 B-mode B232 31.13 MH/s sensor 78.77W -0.89W

Vega 56/64
Vega 56 ref Samsung, A-mode 1065@850mV, B-mode 1000@850mV, mem 950@850mV, TRM timings

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A872 50.08 MH/s sensor 115.98W
0.8.0 A-mode A448 50.32 MH/s sensor 111.15W -4.83W
0.8.0 B-mode B450 50.31 MH/s sensor 110.15W -5.83W

Radeon VII
Radeon VII Hynix, core 1600MHz@881mV, mem 1000MHz with timings

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 B-mode B740 87.87 Mh/s sensor 185.25W
0.8.0 B-mode B208 87.85 Mh/s sensor 177.38W -7.87W
0.8.0 C-mode C322 100.4 Mh/s sensor 192.54W +7.29W +12.53Mh/s

Red Devil 5700XT Micron A-Mode 1400@725mV, B-Mode 1245@675mV, Mem 912 MHz

Version Mode Tuning Hashrate Power Diff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21 A-mode A624 56.05 MH/s sensor 105.82W
0.8.0 A-mode A620 56.08 MH/s sensor 103.61W -2.21W
0.8.0 B-mode B608 56.01 MH/s sensor 96.83W -8,99W


Awesome Miner can be used with any mining pool. The list below includes the predefined pools to make it easier to get started with mining on the most popular pools.

Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool
Argon2 IceMining – NIM Lyra2REv3 NiceHash – Lyra2REv3 X16r Zergpool – X16r X16r Pickaxe.Pro – XGCS
Autolykos2 NiceHash – Autolykos2 Lyra2REv3 Mining Pool Hub – Lyra2REv3 X16r Block Masters – X16r X16r Pickaxe.Pro – XRD
CryptoNight Haven Zergpool – CryptoNight Haven Lyra2REv3 BSOD – VTC X16r BSOD – BITC X16rt BSOD – GIN
CryptoNightV4 (CryptoNightR) NiceHash – CryptoNightV4 (CryptoNightR) Lyra2z NiceHash – Lyra2z X16r BSOD – CXC X16rt BSOD – VEIL
CuckaRood29 NiceHash – CuckaRood29 Lyra2z Mining Pool Hub – Lyra2z X16r BSOD – EXO X16rt Pickaxe.Pro – GIN
CuckaToo31 NiceHash – CuckaToo31 Lyra2z Zergpool – Lyra2z X16r BSOD – FXTC X16rv2 NiceHash – X16rv2
EtcHash Mining Pool Hub – EtcHash Lyra2z Block Masters – Lyra2z X16r BSOD – HLX X16rv2 Mining Pool Hub – X16rv2
EtcHash Zergpool – EtcHash Lyra2z BSOD – FXTC X16r BSOD – HTH X16rv2 Zergpool – X16rv2
Ethereum NiceHash – Ethereum Phi2 BSOD – AGM X16r BSOD – JINY X16rv2 NLPool – X16rv2
Ethereum Mining Pool Hub – Ethereum Phi2 BSOD – LUX X16r BSOD – RVN X16s Zergpool – X16s
Ethereum Zergpool – Ethereum Phi2 Pickaxe.Pro – LUX X16r IceMining – BITC X16s Block Masters – X16s
FiroPow Zergpool – FiroPow Phi2 Pickaxe.Pro – AGM X16r IceMining – PHL X16s BSOD – PGN
Kawpow NiceHash – Kawpow Phi2 Pickaxe.Pro – SPDR X16r IceMining – RVN X16s BSOD – XSH
Kawpow Mining Pool Hub – Kawpow Verthash Mining Pool Hub – Verthash X16r IceMining – XRD
Kawpow Zergpool – Kawpow Verthash Zergpool – Verthash X16r Pickaxe.Pro – MDEX
Kawpow NLPool – Kawpow X16r NiceHash – X16r X16r Pickaxe.Pro – RVN


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