Thanks to everyone here and a little info request at the end

Seriously thanks to everyone in the Voskcoin community, just when I thought I understood a bit about mining and crypto I started hearing about DeFI and a bunch of other stuff and this place has been a great help.

Searching for a new career, taking care of two kids, studying Japanese while trying to catch up and read/watch videos on all this is kinda intimidating. Feels like there’s too many choices, too much information that lead in too many different directions.

It can be really hard to filter the outdated or outright false information from the pertinent one. So it gets a little daunting but thanks to you guys I’ve been learning a lot from reading this forum and watching (among others) the videos from this channel as well.

Quite interested in DeFI, Uniswap and such and have a bit of money set aside to invest there but still unsure where to put it. I’d like to build a bit of passive income while also having a bit of ‘‘riskier’’ capital that has a potential for greater return.

Im working on finishing my 2nd mining rig and thinking about possibly building one or two more so gather some ETH while thats still possible.

With that said, if you have videos or articles in particular that you feel I should absolutely not miss don’t hesitate to link them to me here on through PM! Just here there is so much info that I could easily miss something interesting/important.

I’m still really in my first steps but again I wanted to say thank you :stuck_out_tongue: