The Bear market

What’s the thoughts on todays market… how bad will it get before we see an up turn?


It’s a good question. I wish I knew.

If the SEC approves a BTC spot ETF we could see the crypto market turn on a dime, but who knows if that will ever happen?

Dows, down, most markets are down, that Russian story HA, seems to be slowing atm. I feel its got some more down before up but who really knows. BTC is bouncing around that $38,000 window still. Its like follow the bouncing ball. heh

I bought $5,000 in Kadena yesterday thinking it would probably not get under $7…. Now I’m not sure how low it will go. Just hope it goes back to $30 when the up turn happens.

lol we all hope it bounces back to even 25. I have a few coin laying around…wish I had some more miners …

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This is the weekly chart, if that candle falls below the 100MA we could see it in the 20’s again! I think the next hard bottom is 29k.


Seems to me every time BTC and ETH hit record highs at the same time, the market then drops and we are in a bear market for about 6 months, and then things start turning around and slowly come back up, but gaining momentum until it goes screaming past the past highs.

I’ve got one KD box and one more on it’s way… I was waiting on the BK 1+ but changed my order to L7…. May have made a mistake but figured I would just buy some KDA. The L7 is more profitable today than the BK1+.

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So, just to get a “general” vibe from this community (of miners) - are we all still running our miners even if they are barely covering the electricity (or in some cases, not covering at all)? Just trying to come up with the best plan after my $900 power bill from December :rofl:

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It depends. Do you believe the coins you are stacking will be worth more in the future?
That is the question I ask myself.

I’m guessing you’re mining BTC and/or ETH with that electric bill :joy: so my personal belief is they will be worth more and worth the cost of paying that electric bill out of pocket for a short period of time.

Yep - all kinds of different coins actually. BTC, DCR, SC, KDA; running 4 “full size” miners, plus 4 GS “mini” boxes…

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I’m not stopping, no way. heh $$$ Longterm…


Right on!!!

I’m going to keep mining…. When it does go back up should be a good prophet.


Yea not stopping if comes to it I’ll cover power bill but that’s what I’ve been doing anyway so far


Where is the 100 day moving avg at right now? 27k?

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100 day ma on the weekly chart is at 30k. We are way below it on the 1 hour and daily.

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Last bear market was 3yrs or so. Most coins returned to or below starting levels.

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Getting close to that 100ma

SEC objecting to saylors accounting practices likely not helping