The best Miner for me?


I am a University student living in my dorm and I get an unlimited supply of energy along with high-speed unlimited internet which is included in my college tuition, what miner would be best for me to buy considering my budget is below $1000(preferably $500) for making some extra passive income?

As I said, high energy consumption doesn’t matter, just needs to have a good yield, could literally have the worst efficiency but as long as it’s cheap and makes some money.

Thank you so much for helping out.

Best bet would be a Bobcat 300 or any Goldshell box miner

I agree with Talbertc6, those run at 120 volt so you shouldn’t have any issues. If you pick a Goldshell box see which one will give you the best profitability :slight_smile:

Miners are too expensive now will be time to buy used miners soon when panic selling starts wait until then or you will lose money


For profit I would look at Helium and some of the mini miners or building out a smallish GPU rig on older used cards. You could probably pick up a 3-4 GPUs and build out the rest of a rig easy on $1k if you don’t mind using less efficient and slower GPUs.

I agree with @Dave_Wolter .
What are you mining for? Passive income? OK, then there has to be profit.
Even Helium miners aren’t really passive income generators, UNLESS you have the best highest spot where everyone else connects to you and you might be better off playing scratch offs compared to helium mining.

You’re in college? Good luck, hit the studies and any labs you can.

I have close to $50,000 worth of miners and one of them isn’t profitable today.
I’m considering turning it off.
Again, if you’re in the crypto mining for income, then do your math.
ROI of more than one year is lousy, especially when technology changes and miners wear out.

Skill set is the greatest generator of income.


I agree with @Dave_Wolter or put your name into the @VoskCoin miner lottery thread! I check this thread everyday just in the hopes of feeling like a winner or seeing a smiling reaction post from the lucky winner(s)!

I am new to this community but, I already really enjoy reading and communicating here! As always DYOR!