The Bitcoin Supra

The Bitcoin Supra is an A90 Toyota Supra with Bitcoin livery built for grassroots and amateur racing! Merging motorsports and Bitcoin cryptocurrency this Bitcoin-inspired “racecar” is the first BTC track car dedicated to time attack ever created! Sub!

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The VoskCoin Bitcoin Supra will compete in GRIDLIFE! #GRIDLIFE

The successor to the Dogecoin racecar and the (really lamely designed) Bitcoin F1 racecar, VoskCoin is so excited to unveil the Bitcoin Supra which has been a concept for 5 years and in production sponsored by BlockFi for over a year! Will this become the coolest and fastest Bitcoin racecar ever?! the Bitcoin Supra! Competing in GRIDLIFE trackbattle time attack, SCCA time trials nationals tour, global time attack, and NASA time trials, the Bitcoin Supra hopes to take amateur and grassroots racing by storm!

Click this link to see an in-depth look at how the Bitcoin Supra was made - from design, print and ultimately application, we go through the entire process in our hour-long documentary! (COMING TOMORROW!)

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The Bitcoin Supra