The app wallets

Now as I’m really new to the world of mining I have a question and this is probably a simple one which I probably know the answer to but I thought I’d ask you guys first before I make any mistakes

Now I’ve been mining on Nicehash for about two weeks now and things are going well but I fancy going off and trying different things and mining direct and like what voskcoin said in one of his videos it nice to see 36 raven coin rather then 0.00001000 btc so hears my question

Using raven coin as an example do I have to get a raven wallet or can I just simply use my raven wallet address and anything I mine just goes directly to my app

Any help would be fantastic guys and girls

Have a good start to the week

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Good question, I have many wallets because while each may have a thousand coins available with addresses, they are not the coins I am mining. Let me just say that in your wallet if you have the coin you are mining, then select the coin and “RECEIVE”. Copy that address, it is your wallet address to receive that coin.

Simply enter that wallet address into your mining batch file and you are good to go. Works for any wallet whether on an exchange or not. Also saves the fees in transferring from wallet to wallet.

It’s considered bad practice to mine to an exchange address, mostly because exchanges sometimes change your recieving address for whatever reasons. That being said does have an actual wallet app, which probably doesn’t change over time.

Also, the wallet lets you import from seed phrases. So you could start a wallet with a more traditional app like Electroneum but then import the phrase to’s wallet app for more convenient management of your coins.

BTW Ravencoin has not been doing well for pricing lately. Whenever BTC and the rest take a bull run, Raven barely moves. But every time the market is bearish, it tumbles. I was mining at 200+ satoshis for months, and it’s down to like 160 satoshis right now. Now I’ve got a bag of thousands that lost a decent amount of value from when I originally mined it.
I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s got such poor performance. Other than a bunch of angry former ASIC miners dumping their bags at low value, I’m not sure. Another guess I have is; I don’t really understand the use case for RVN or why I should care about it, and so I’m not sure if anybody else sees a lot of value in it either.
My gut says that it’s not going to get better and I’m looking for something better to mine. It’s such a shame, because they switched to Kapow just to keep GPU miners in business, but if the coin can’t hold value none of that matters much.

I dunno I’d actually like to hear an update on RVN from @VoskCoin, since it’s been a few months since he talked about mining it.