The end of my Internet, DSL?

Just hooked up SC box with my other 10 units of iPollos and KD box pros and as soon as I turn on my LG wireless Smart TV that is also hooked up with Sonos surround sound, my DSL internet stops working all the Goldshells start blinking red and the iPollos stop also…

Did I reach the end of my Internet? It’s 50mb down speed. Looking into upgrading to 100 MB down speed and I think it increases the upload speed also… OR… Should I look into maybe getting a Starlink setup for all our personal type of media and other Wi-Fi devices? I’ll include a bobcat 300 in that!


I’m sure you’re already aware of this but DSL is not a recommended source of Internet in any situation, regardless if you’re mining or not. That being said, it’s probably your modem/router that can’t that many devices all connected simultaneously. Usually having that many devices connected all at once would likely just bottleneck your connection and make it very slow but not disconnect you from the Internet entirely. I recommend an ISP that is broadband or fiber-to-home. DSL connections vary on speed and reliability throughout the day. If you’re in no place to upgrade your Internet service at least get the modem swapped out, and possibly the router depending on your network setup

I’ve seen the end!

I like the Vader red lights fo sho though :wink:

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I wouldn’t imagine its using too much bandwidth as mining uses very little (kbps) I think as RetroParc said its more than likely a modem/router issue. I’m on 10mbps DSL but I only have one GPU rig and I haven’t noticed any difference in internet speeds

Some ISP provided routers have a 30 device maximum. What router is it? Look at upgrading it. Put the DSL modem in bridge mode and put a Ubiquiti or Mikrotik or something better in as the router.

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It goes from DSL wifi router to 2 Netgear Ethernet switches (8 port each).

Right now I have the standard 50 mb speed DSL just called and found out I could upgrade for 100 MB speeds for $3 extra a month!

This will come with a new router. Interesting thought on max connections, I thought of that it doesn’t seem to have more than 11 or 12 clients connected with this setup. Hopefully the upgraded 100 MBs router addresses this issue if not will change the router over to a bridge and upgrade the device thanks for the advice.