The fundamentals

The fundamentals of the economy and fiat and central banking hasn’t changed.
With the height of a bull run over and a profits dwindling down to single digits I have to evaluate what I’m doing.
Am I only in mining for the money?
If not money, then what?


So, yeah, the fiat tyrants are looking to break the backs of the crypto dreamers.
Those folks that hodl from 2016 have decided to sell some BTC.
Panic is setting in and fear has folks swapping for stable coins.

Lads, the sea is getting choppy and the horizon looks dark and ominous, but the storm comes to pass, and I, for one, will never give up the dream of Freedom.

Freedom from fiat, Freedom from arbitrary governance, Freedom from never ending taxation without representation, Freedom from slavery to a system I was born into.

What’s at stake? When the tide turns I want to be hodling.


Who cares about those that are selling. All indices are in panic mode. Everyone is so bearish that it makes me think that the market is bound to turn soon. Nobody knows when, but it will happen. Just make sure you don’t over leverage yourself and get into debt and only hold on to quality projects.

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I just hope miner prices continue to drop. What are you seeing @cryptominernv from a price standpoint?


Hey sorry for the late reply. Price on miners have been going down but not as much as the price of crypto. This bear market is really hurting both retail miners and even resellers to an extent.