The Halving is Around the Corner!

The halving is around the corner. What are your plans to deal with the payout drop? I have been slowly acquiring some more efficient miners in the event the miner prices go up due to a pump. If we don’t get a big pump or drop in difficulty, I have a couple that will likely be unplugged. Anyone else making preparations/plans?

While I’m at my current location before I can generate my own power I need to make a script that puts my J pro at 40T using under 900 watts using Luxos on a timer, reading through my old posts I said I got it to 23.5 watts/T, because when the halving rolls around it will be close to winter here so I won’t get much solar so I’ll overclock it during my 9 hours of off peak (6 hours of 5.5c and 3 hours of free) so that way I can still mine with battery backup/weak solar for 24 hours a day. So 9 hours of 120T and 15 hours of 40T will be an average of 70T, and cost me under $1.20 per day to run. The script will use Luxos command line tool and excel on a timer