The official place to tell scams from legit sellers

I am proud to introduce you the Reddit sub r/LegitASIC. We already have 200 members in less than 48h hours. I already made a post here a few days ago announcing I am working on it and now it is live. The way it works is simple: there are 2 major lists, the Scam List and the Legit List. Everyone is welcome to share their good/bad experiences with a seller. Because of the community, we already unmasked another 8 scam websites already. I will also post here on VoskCoinTalk the Legit List and the Scam List, which unfortunately is constantly being updated. Stay safe, brothers and please join r/LegitASIC for your own good!

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Thank you for your work on this.

PLEASE do update this list on VoskCoin as Reddit is not the official information site of many people. Of course VoskCoin is not the official site either.

That was my point in your other post is the target market of helping people is so broad in that you cant reach everyone in every forum / posting media. I wish you could. Trust me I have been fighting scams in the automotive industry since 1995 when posting media interface was just a text driven BBS environment.

Its sad your motivation had to be in that you were ripped off for a certain amount of money. Then you look at what is considered a lost of money for people in reporting a scam event. I have lost just about $10000 USD since about 1998. Most of it was involved in using PayPal. The buyer is well protected in a service like Paypal but the seller is protected ZERO. There use to be a site called … I see it has been taken down seems. it was there over 10 years. Does not take much to see the replacements

I tried to sell my Bobcat miner and 4 of the people only insisted on using Paypal. Of course they want to use Paypal. Seller is zero protected against scams. I could care less about the 3-5% fees on the seller side. I am smart enough to make my price fees plus shipping in the price, but I cannot over come someone filing a claim of EMPTY BOX. That is the number one used scam on PayPal. SELLER sent me an empty box, or the flip side is the buyer files a return of the item based on not as described and the buyer sends back an empty box to the seller and keeps the item and gets a eBay refund… The stories just go on and on

Good luck and thank you.

u can say that again… paypal… i had to pull the brakes on that… only one here and there… that palce is nutz. and cust service dont know what they doing either. one person tells u this, the next tells u that… and they both wrong. if u get one that can even speak ur language to begin with… had to call one back to get another because i got too distracted with a chickn going off in the background LOOOLz like ehh… ill call back … couldnt even remember why i called lol… did get hungry tho

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Thanks so much for the input. I posted the list here as well, hope it gets seen by as many people as possible. I am constantly updating it on r/LegitASIC, but I don’t know if I can edit a post here on VoskCoinTalk so that I don’t have to post the list again and again after every update. Will see…

join the club… i post a new one everyday…if i feel like it that is…

Thanks for doing this guys. I wish had I found this forum earlier. I recently made a purchase through for a couple of cheap S17’s to see if they are legit. Will wait to see what happens.

Scam or Not i think yes

DX pool I believe to be legit… they also sold out in minutes.

I do not have Reddit what’s the thoughts on…

Is Aiden Polymer Corp in Ontario Legit??? Anyone ever purchased through them?

Please keep us updated on the Purchase…

Mate, I posted the Scam List here as well, go check it out. I 'll also post the Legit List when I update it.

Is the dxpool shop legit?