The Process of Benchmarking

I am very new to the world of mining. My GPUs will be coming this week and I want to start getting everything set up.

You all talk about possible hashrates and overclocks, but how are you going about testing these? My only experience is mining on Nicehash so I don’t really control which coin is being mined.

Can someone walk me through this procedure?

I would assume that I use a dedicated single coin miner that I can compare with different overclocks. But which miner? How long do I run the test? How do I determine my hashrate for each test?

Thanks for the help.

Which Miner depends on Which Coin??? That sets the algorithm needed and the miners that support that algorithm.

The coin you choose determines your Wallet too! You will need a wallet for the coin and a pool for the coin you choose. You put the wallet address in the miner’s BAT file. You can also add a RIG name at the end of the wallet address string preceded typically by a period or underscore as in Address.Workername or Address_Workername. These are necessary to get paid.

Looks like you know of MSI Afterburner, EVGA X1 and other overclocking software, it is also convenient to underclock rather than overclock

How do you measure performance in Hashrate??? The Pool often (but not always) gives hashrate and earnings per Day/Hour/12Hour/24Hour/Week/Month. Data also given on screen with your miner.

Once you have your miner running, the CLI (command line interface or DOS Box) will scroll as you log in, as you are given blocks to mine, and as you find blocks plus their verification. After finding 5 or more shares which are validated, a summary of your performance is printed on screen. This includes hashrate, temperature, and total power consumed. Also the individual hashrate of each GPU is printed after each job is issued.
After making changes with the Afterburner memory, and GPU clocks, voltage and fan speed, you can look at the values of the miner to see if your performance has improved or not.

Let us know how you’re doing once you get your cards.