The Psychology behind the Bitcoin Crypto Bullrun and why ITS OVER

Let’s review the psychology behind the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency bullrun and how the massive drain and impact from prolonged 24/7 exposure to the BTC Ethereum Dogecoin crypto market burns investors out and leads to a bear market. Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Bitcoin and crypto investing is exhausting, it never ends and there is no days off from it. I have invested everything I have into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as well as some buy-ins into super parabolic crypto coins like Dogecoin. The psychology of the bullrun and the bear market are really interesting and after experiencing a full market cycle I can see exactly why things are cyclical. The Bitcoin crypto investors from the bear market are in great profit, and they’re tired from being plugged in and tuned into cryptocurrency for so long. Cryptocurrencies are exhausting, and crypto investing really takes its toll on you over time. Let’s review the psychology of the Bitcoin bull run and why we are now entering the Bitcoin bear market.

Bitcoin and Crypto YouTube BURNED ME OUT!

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00:00 The Bitcoin Bull Market Psychology
01:46 The steep drop after a $60,000 Bitcoin ATH
02:37 People who bought in before the Bullrun are still in profit
03:44 Bitcoin Crypto investing leads to burnout
07:54 Bitcoin crypto investing never sleeps and neither do you
08:37 What motivates people? Money? Attention? Winning?
12:10 Taking profits will give you buy-in opportunities in a bear market
13:11 Its been a crazy time since DeFI took off last summer
14:30 Hedging risk and why the Bitcoin bear market is here

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The psychology of the Bitcoin crypto bull market and why we are now entering the Bitcoin bear market