The pyramid scheme

There is no doubt if you can be at the top of the pyramid you will be making money. Is it even possible to use the pyramid scheme in a legit investment, or if the investment was legit would there be a need to use the pyramid scheme payment structure to lure in investors?

Indeed. That is the one troubling aspect to Everything of theirs looks legit up until you get to the staking. Not the staking of BTC or ETH or even their MCO as they offer reasonable 4% or so returns. However, when you look at their CRO, that is only at about .13 yet they offer up to 16% for 3 months of staking, that is when my warning bells go off. Why 4x the bonus of everything else? How easy it would be to get people converting their measly 4% earning cryptos to CRO to get gready, only to watch that crypto get dropped to 0.0.

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I see that as “too good to be true” as well. What I’ve been told in response is is sitting on a moutnain of cro from their ico, and can basically hand it out for free.