The Rumors Appear To Have Been True...Here Come the KAS ASICs

Still a chance IceRiver doesn’t deliver, but the rumors of their absurdly powerful KAS ASIC miners appear to be true. They’re being sold as a July preorder…take that delivery date with a grain of salt especially from an unknown company. Two options are available:

The KS1 has 1T @ 600watts with an initial price tag of $34,000
-$15,900 through IceRiver’s website

The KS2 has 2T @ 1200watts with an initial price tag of 65 f***ing thousand dollars
-$29,900 on IceRiver’s website

These prices are very likely to fluctuate by a fair amount in the next couple weeks as suppliers figure out what the market is willing to pay for these monsters. But assuming these numbers are correct at today’s difficulty you’d make approximately $400 and $800 per freakin day. A lot can and will happen in the KAS mining ecosystem between now and whenever these make it into the wild but one thing is sure.

When these do start to get delivered, those that get them first will make bank while those towards the end of the delivery list watch their projected rewards drop with every day that passes.


I’d feel a lot better if their discord/telegram/etc links worked