The S19K Pro is the BEST Bitcoin Miner Right Now! Daily Earnings and Review

The new Bitmain Antminer S19k Pro is the best Bitcoin miner right now, it is very efficient, it’s very cheap, and it is easy to get but how much does BTC mining really earn right now, and is it worth it to expand my Bitcoin mining farm? Buy the best BTC miner here!

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Earlier this year I bought 10 more Bitcoin miners, but why??

Bitcoin is down in price and it’s harder than ever to actually be mining Bitcoins and yet myself and many other BTC miners continue mining Bitcoin… thankfully the Bitmain Antminer S19k pro makes Bitcoin mining a lot more efficient, increasing the viability for smaller Bitcoin miners as well as major BTC mining farms, so lets review this new Bitcoin miner that is basically the new best Bitcoin miner you can buy right now but does its real-world mining profitability actually make Bitcoin mining worth it?

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The Bitmain antminer s19kPro is here!
01:54 Antminer form factors
02:45 A Brand new miner for a good price?
04:00 Building out the farm for the future
04:39 How to install the antminer s19k pro
05:22 S19K performance
06:32 How much does the Bimain antminer s19kpro earn?
09:36 There are 2 different versions of the s19k Pro
10:40 Making a viable Bitcoin mining operation
12:00 One of the best miners to come out recently
13:22 Bitcoin the backbone of the whole sector
15:17 Risky but worth it?

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The S19K Pro is the BEST Bitcoin Miner Right Now! Daily Earnings and Review

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Whats going to happen to it when the S21 comes out though??

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Seriously who knows, btc difficulty went up by 6.5% today. At least some miners are getting some relief with a price hike in btc. I can’t believe the consistent difficulty hikes, I just would like to know what everyone’s breaking point is because I didn’t expect people to keep operating, let alone having more miners come online at this price and difficulty