The Satoshi, the flow of value

I have a hypothetical for my peeps in the street. About BTC/Satoshi flow and value.
Assume you’re going to spend $100 US. Buying 5 crypto alts and $20 worth of each. Make a spread sheet. Something like this.
date | type | amount of hold | USD cost per 1| Satoshi cost per 1|
4/3/23 | ADA | 52.35 | 0.382 | 1374

So if we times 52.35 x 1374 = it equals (approx) $20 worth of BTC.
If we update this spreadsheet weekly or periodically. We start to see the flow. Very often as BTC goes down in value, so does the USD value of said crypto. But most often the BTC/Satoshi amount goes up (buy high, sell low). So if your ADA goes down in USD value matching BTC value, most often it is worth more Satoshi’s. Sell then. Yes your amount of BTC might only value at $18 USD but you have more BTC than you invested. The USD will always go down in value (they might print 6 trillion more tomorrow) but BTC will always go up in value (white paper protocol). So “more BTC” is always the goal.

Something easy to overlook is that our participation in Crypto is an assault against the value backing of all global federal reserves and nations.
It would be illogical or oxymoronic to expect to cash out and gain in the currency you are actively attacking to make gains in.

Like it or not, every crypto person is a BTC-Maxi if they’re willing to admit it or not.
Personally I feel one must embrace this. Admit your part in the global economic attack to Yourself. Do not play and fool yourself. You are a revolutionary trying to improve the world by attacking the finances of the oppressors.
Did you vote for your nation to support the current cold war?.. exactly, those assholes are doing to you, me and our fellow humans. Screw them and their murder money. They have no issue killing our fellow humans so their stock in Halliburton can go up as they sell billions/trillions of dollars worth of bombs and munitions.

BTC-Maxi Hoo-raa , if not for yourself, do it for a child being born into Our world today. They deserve more, than you and I were ever offered.


Truly, the value is your life. I can only reference my own nations figures (USA), but oppression tends to be universal.
Life is valued in terms of 4 years. The amount of national deficit debt a person personally holds should exactly equal their cost of living for 4 years. This sets the economy’s rates.
Then the next political administration takes over, Service men and woman complete their 4 year duty terms. ect. ect.
If You can take the value, that your nation holds in your personal national debt, out of crypto and hold it. You are effectively free. you would have finically set yourself to not be dictated by your nations economy, debt and to an extent political policies.
The goal is to do this enough to cover every human on Earth. At which point any nation can not wage war without the financial support of the citizens of that nation. They wouldn’t have the value behind their currency to make it happen, no value to buy or build the bombs.

This is called Satoshi-Vision. It was our mentors dream for us. He wasn’t trying to make You, Me or himself rich. He was trying to give our live’s value back to Us.



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