The starting point for mining

I am a beginner and I have been following VoskCoin youtube channel for some time now. I have few questions for you guys.

  1. Should I go for GPU mining or a specific miner?
    I was able to save some and luckily I did not invest it in buying from; however it is not enough to buy asic miners or other miners.
  2. Can you please suggest me some reliable and economic sites to buy miners from?

I am an international student in Japan, I hope you understand my situation.

What you can buy all depends on your budget.

I started out by buying 4 Antminer L3+ miners from Ebay and built myself a custom mining rig with an AMD Ryzen 9 5950x with 2 MSI GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM X video cards.

The L3+ miners came from China “Refurbished” at about $1500 a piece plus additional fees since they were imported.

The L3+ miners are great budget starter machines but are over priced in this market today. Keep in mind with the L7s coming out the difficulty level on mining might go up making the L3+ miners less profitable. None of this is financial advice just never spend more money then you’re willing to lose mining is a risky hobby/business.

Whatever you buy keep in mind powering miners and the noise level when mining are all common issues when starting out.

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GPU mining is a good low-cost place to start. Also, the “box” miners from GoldShell are a great value to start out. check out either.

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