The TIME is NOW... Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing

When is the best time to buy Bitcoin and invest in other cryptocurrencies, uh, it’s probably right now or very soon. Some people think crypto is dead, and it’s too late, but I am buying more Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens everyday… why though?! I’ll explain, but first subscribe!

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Inflation, investing, market dumps, bullrun, pro trader, housing crisis, interest rates skyrocketing, earning a lot on savings accounts but losing buying power with the USD, honestly, this era is like a financial dystopia, and there’s only one clear way I see that I can chase financial freedom and hedge against the hyperinflation of the US Dollar among other government issued fiat currencies, and that’s Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among some other unique investing strategies I am using.

Remember though, nothing is financial advice here!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The time IS NOW
00:40 Inflation is making us poor
01:45 Fighting Inflation
03:20 Investing
05:12 Lump sum buys or Dollar Cost Averaging?
06:30 Have some Crypto in your portfolio
08:00 Bitcoin ETFs coming
09:16 Housing is becoming super expensive
10:18 When bullrun?
11:43 Best time to buy Bitcoin and Crypto?

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The TIME is NOW… Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing


Subscriptions/renting is no way to live. Building assets, and getting out of debt, is the only way to financial freedom. Subscriptions and renting just makes the divide between the haves and have-nots that much wider, and the control they have over you that much greater. I don’t understand why anyone would disagree with this. Stop buying lottery tickets and invest your money, pay off your debt. Live free!