The Toxicity of GPU Mining

GPU mining community has deteriorated over time, creating a toxic environment that is difficult to grow & improve. Mining with graphics card has incredible passive income potential, but many cryptocurrencies don’t see the value in mining anymore… Subscribe for mining videos -

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Drew Vosk of VoskCoin, Kristy “OhGodAGirl” Minehan and Reuben Yap of Firo discuss how the toxic GPU mining community, forget PC gamers being toxic, GPU miners are toxic enough by themselves lol

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00:00 The Toxicity of GPU Mining
00:43 How to create engaged crypto communities
05:46 Are GPU Miners abusive?
08:40 Improving GPU mining
09:53 Olyverse NFTs
10:30 Is GPU mining worth saving?
13:32 Handling hate & toxicity in crypto
16:48 Crypto Tribalism

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The Toxicity of GPU Mining