The USA is BANNING Crypto Staking WTF

The USA is BANNING crypto staking WTF yes if you are staking cryptocurrency you’re on track to be a criminal… right now the SEC is fining Kraken for millions of dollars, and has Coinbase in their crosshairs, individual stakers are surely next… Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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This is a scary time in cryptocurrency as the securities and exchange commission continues their maniacal campaign to strip cryptocurrency users and investors of their abilities as well as rights along with punishing the cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken that have been fine while they did NOT protect us from SBF FTX or Alameda… oh how ironic is it that Gary Gensler adored sam bankman-fried but hates the crypto exchanges that have actually done right by the average crypto user. Voyager bankruptcy and Binance US update, LocalBitcoins is closing down, CoinTelegraph is selling NFTs and more in the latest crypto news today.

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The US is banning crypto staking!
00:45 Brian Armstrong tweets about staking
01:35 Kraken $30M Staking fine
02:25 Did the Kraken prohibition affect me?
03:00 This could mean they can prohibit staking
05:44 Mine Chia with the HDDs
06:13 Us Residents are barred from a Bankruptcy claim
06:41 Kraken got fine for not “declaring” the Staking?!
07:48 Gary Gensler got an exception for SBF
08:12 Are they going to return the money that they fine?
08:36 Voyager will need a Binance US Account to get the funds back!
09:10 LocalBitcoins Closes down p2p crypto services
10:30 You can buy a Cointelegraph article as an NFT?

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The USA is BANNING Crypto Staking WTF


Sad isn’t it notice that SBF donated 100’s of millions of dollars to his favorite political groups, and he was the one they all loved.


I am still going to stake tron either if the US likes or not :angry:


Looks like our community needs to start thinking about endorsing a P2P exchange. Something like BISQ. Make some quality how-to-use videos about the fundamentals for newbies.