Thermal pads for gpu

Hi everyone

Looking for some advice please.

What thickness thermal pads should I buy for 8gb RX580 and RX570 cards please.

I replaced thermal pads on my Saphire RX570, but it’s now worse than before.

Just want to do it right and save my cards the heat stress


Hi there!

I think I may be able to help…

First off what temperature heating are running them cards on?

Normally my card run at 60 to 65 degrees, 80% fan.

The Saphire cards are climbing to 80 now. I am seeing other cards temps moving towards 70.

I think it’s time for pads n paste. But what’s the right thickness, that’s my main problmem

You don’t want them to be too thick, keep it at a standard size.

However I will advise you want to try keep your cards under 70 to be safe not just for the GPUs, but to help last your thermal pads longer too