Thinking about mining

This is my first post here.

So I was talking to a friend of mine about some stocks and then we started talking about mining. He told me he was making a few bucks(not sure how much) a day off of three computers with gpu’s. He told me that I could use mine to mine. I have a gaming computer sitting in the corner of my office that I haven’t used for about 9 months. It has a i5 9600k,16gb of ram, msi amour rx580gb with a 650 corsair power supply. I also have a smaller motherboard with 4gb of ram and and gen 3 i3. I was thinking I could just add the gpu to that older computer. Is it worth it?

I’m kind of all over the place with this. any thoughts on this? Should I use the older motherboard and i3 processor.

Anyway thanks for reading this.

For GPU mining, the video card is (pretty much) the only thing that matters. You can try running NiceHash on it and see what type of performance it gets with various mining algorithms, but in the end Eth mining is likely to be the most profitable. With a single 580, it won’t be hugely profitable (actual profit depends on electric rate) - but, in the current market it’s likely to maybe be a few dollars a week over electric costs.