This Bear Market Can Make You a Millionaire!

Despite what you may think, the time to accumulate and build your crypto portfolio is here. These prices can help you make millions if you play your cards right. How should you act now in order to make the best returns in the bull market? Let’s find out! Sub to VoskCoin!

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Cryptocurrency prices may have pulled back a lot from all time highs, but that is precisely why it is a worthwhile time to begin getting back into a decent crypto position. How and what am I buying at this point? What are some good options to look into for investing in crypto right now? Let’s find out the strategy for how you can maximize your potential gains for the next crypto bull market - hopefully making millions in the process!

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00:00 Red market gives out “green”?
03:10 How do crypto trends work?
04:42 The advantages of a bear market
06:16 Crypto communities vs other communities
07:14 Common mistakes people make in crypto
07:59 My crypto journey so far!
09:06 Brief history of Tails, our resident Dogecoin!
12:30 A key point to remember in crypto!
13:05 My view on the current crypto space

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This Bear Market Can Make You a Millionaire!