This Crypto Will Be Worth OVER 1 Billion USD Market Cap

Cryptocurrency platforms are the most profitable and easiest investments to make, example, Ethereum but what is the next Ethereum, no token influencer shill nonsense, this token will be the next blue-chip crypto and outperform Optimism OP, BNB Smart Chain and even Polygon MATIC! Buy the best miner for 2023 here - Evergreen

Swap and trade with discounted fees on GMX - GMX
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Arbitrum is already huge and GMX is leading the charge for this layer-2 scaling solution but we are all waiting for the big token drop and it is guaranteed to happen… the only layer 2 blockchain solution that may honestly never get a token would be Coinbase but yeah Arbitrum ARBI ARB ABTM token is programmed. Let’s review why Arbitrum is already the best scaling solution for Ethereum and really just thriving as its own blockchain and crypto ecosystem along with faster and cheaper transactions than ETH Optimism OP Polygon Matic BNB BSC and other defi chains.

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00:00 Arbitrum to 1 Billion!
00:54 Arbitrum data analysis
02:21 Blockchain marketcap comparison
04:28 24 Hr volume comparison
05:04 GMX Dapp analysis
06:07 Top Daaps on Arbitrum
07:44 Arbitrum technical details
09:15 24 Hr fees in Arbitrum
10:22 Should you use Arbitrum?

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This Crypto Will Be Worth OVER 1 Billion USD Market Cap… Arbitrum crypto token and price prediction


Would love to use gmx, but its a lot of fees and work to swap tokens over to there platform.

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