This is why I AM BULLISH on BITCOIN!

I am bullish on Bitcoin, basically I think Bitcoin BTC is incredibly fundamentally sound, and in this video, I will review why I’m bullish on Bitcoin long-term, BIG TIME! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more!

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Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, aside from hashcash, and BTC has created a worldwide movement, which is pretty incredible. Bitcoin BTC is a proof of work, which means it is a mineable crypto coin, which basically means you can trade electricity and computer hardware performance for Bitcoins. There is literally a production cost, for Bitcoins, creating a base cost value for Bitcoins. Bitcoin has hundreds of thousands of active addresses, basically, hundreds of thousands of people are using Bitcoin right now! Bitcoin has increased trading volume, well it actually has all time high trading volume. Should you buy Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a good investment? We are not here to give financial advice but we are here to tell you why we think buying Bitcoin or even mining BTC, is an incredible opportunity!

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Bitcoin been holding strong,I thought is was gonna collapse more then it did. It rebounded so fast that I might keep my payments in btc and not change over. The force is definitely strong with this one.