Bitmain produces some of the most powerful and profitable ASIC miners ever, like some of the best Bitcoin miners, among many other altcoin mining rigs. I just got the Bitmain Antminer DR5 in to earn passive income, a quiet, profitable & smaller DCR Decred miner but uh… it’s broken? Sub!

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Mining cryptocurrency from your home is an amazing way to earn passive income! This Antminer DR5 is not a new crypto miner, but it’s still a profitable miner! What is the Decred cryptocurrency that it mines, and should you be mining Decred (DCR)? This Antminer DR5 is a big machine, but it’s surprisingly quiet for its size - it’s also a profitable mining rig in 2022! Unfortunately, this Bitmain Antminer DR5 is broken, only 2 of the 3 hashboards are working and mining thus making money or earning passive income mining crypto! How much does the Antminer DR5 make per day? Should you buy an Antminer DR5 for your home mining setup?

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Bitmain Antminer DR5
01:27 Tips for mining crypto
03:13 Pool configuration for Antminer DR5
05:13 Antminer DR5 Profitability
08:37 Real-world profitability with the Antminer DR5
09:05 What is Decred and DCR project
11:37 Castello Coin
12:10 DCR governance
13:33 DCR is changing its PoW split
16:00 VoskCoin Decred review
17:17 Where can I buy an Antminer DR5?
18:50 Do I recommend the DR5 miner?

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Epic stuff @VoskCoin :rofl: !!!
Had to watch this video as soon as I saw the title - it perfectly describes one of my first “used miner purchase” experiences about a year ago!!! And it was also a used DR5 unit!!!

2 out of 3 boards were showing on the dashboard. Bought it directly from CN seller, so I’ve contacted them and they were nice enough to help me troubleshoot the issue and then offered to fix damaged hashboard. Of course, I had to pay for the shipping.
Ran it on 2 boards while waiting for the repaired board to come back. Took over a month of waiting, including the shipping time, but all 3 board are happily hashing away now :+1:
Since then, I had to repair the PSU on that same miner (cooling fan failed, so I had to buy a new one - was easy to repair myself).

Of course, I’m pretty bummed out that DCR is switching their POW reward structure and anxious to see how that would affect the mining profitability. But this miner is also able to mine HC coin and we have a very small community of enthusiasts / developers that are trying to re-build that mining process from the ground up.

I have a Whatsminer D1 for sale it ran 5 months for me and works 100% perfectly.

Achieving avg 48.6 TH/s 24/7.

Write me a message if you’re interested, shipping insured from Germany within Europe.
And worldwide.