This Nearly SILENT Miner Makes $13 a DAY?! KD-Lite Review

The Goldshell KD-Lite is a nearly silent, profitable passive income earning cryptocurrency mining rig. This ASIC miner mines Kadena KDA and is one of the most efficient and thus profitable miners to buy right now, let’s review if it’s worth buying the Goldshell KD Lite! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more!

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Cryptocurrency mining is the best way to earn money from home in 2022! Kadena mining is still incredibly profitable, despite the current market conditions, but can it justify the prices of KDA miners currently? What am I earning per day mining with the new KD-Lite? Today I take a look at the new KD-Lite and its profits after a few days of consistent mining. Should you buy this miner, or are there better KDA miners to look out for?

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04:57 KD-Lite Profitability
05:23 Where to buy a KD-Lite
06:25 KD-Lite price and opinion, is it worth it?
08:09 What plug does the KD-Lite use?
10:19 Passive income with Vauld
11:02 KD-Lite vs KD-Box
12:37 Comparing Kadena miners, which is the best?
14:09 VoskCoin KD-Lite review
15:06 Should you buy a KD-Lite?

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This Nearly SILENT Miner Makes $13 a DAY?! KD-Lite Review

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I posted the same on Youtube so I’ll repeat it here. This rig runs h-o-t. I believe that it’s under-fanned as Goldshell was hellbent on marketing it as one of the quiet “Lite” rigs. I’d have been happier with 60db or even 65db if Goldshell had installed fans capable of actually moving ambient air over the heat sinks. As it is and with the rig sitting in my garage on 90F+ days, my KD-Lite constantly shuts itself down due to over temp issues.

I live in FL. So heat is a “challenge” from May through September. If you live in a cooler climate, my cautionary comments might be irrelevant. But if you don’t, this post is for you.

Now let me preempt some questions. Yes, all 4 fans are running (the rig would’ve shut itself down otherwise). I removed the KD-Lite from my noise abatement coolers as well as removed the air filter so that it has access to more air. Still, that doesn’t work unless my garage door is wide open, which isn’t practical most of the time (nor did it work yesterday when it hit 102F with high humidity).

For reference, I have two KD-5s that happily hash away in the exact same location and draw in the same ambient air (fed into the garage with three 8" window fans). I’ve never had one of the KD-5s shut itself down to due to over-temp, and they’ve been running for nearly a year now. My new KD-Lite typically is down anywhere from 6 to 8 hours per day - unless I’m home to baby sit it.

So I’m either going to need to suck it up and put this rig in the house where it can evacuate all the cool air so that my a/c runs continually. Or, I need to replace the underpowered oem fans with some bigger ass fans that I can scavenge from a currently dormant LT5 Pro. That said, I’m unclear whether the rig’s operating system will go into shut down model if it detects a larger amperage draw from the fans than it’d otherwise expect.

Longer term, I’d like to go immersion for all my self-hosted rigs. Or find a data center that will host rigs not bought from them for <$0.10/kWh.

What temp is your kd lite shutting down at?

I don’t know specifically. It hasn’t shutdown since I swapped out two of the original 25mm thick fans for the high speed 38mm fans. It always shutdown while I was at work, which gave no way to monitor temps. Plus the standard Goldshell web-based app that I use doesn’t log temps. So I would’ve had to have logged in precisely at the time the KD Lite decided to shut itself down due to overtemp.

I do know that my KD Lite does tend to run hot compared to my KD5 rigs. It is better now with the aforementioned fans installed (it’s also now louder).