This New Ethereum Miner EARNS $200 DAILY?! Linzhi Phoenix ETH miner

Yeah seriously, this new custom computer built specifically for mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency earns over $200 every day in mining profitability! Should we buy more ETH miners? Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Ethereum mining is more profitable than ever thanks to Ethereum recently hitting new all-time highs, and companies are investing literally millions of dollars to build the most powerful and efficient Ethereum mining rigs EVER. These new Ethereum ASIC miners are much more profitable than even the latest generation of graphics cards GPU mining them, yep, the RTX 3090, 3080, and 3060 TI do not stand a chance in mining profitability terms compared to the next generation of the most powerful and thus profitable Ethereum mining rigs that are mining ETH right now from Innosilicon and Linzhi Phoenix! We touch on the Innosilicon A11 Ethereum miner but mainly focus on the Linzhi Phoenix Ethereum miner, and the new rumor is Innosilicon has another new Ethereum mining rig that IS EVEN MORE PROFITABLE than the Linzhi Phoenix which would mean it likely mines not $200 dollars a day but $250 or $300 dollars a day.

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Do you think ProgPoW could save Ethereum mining or do you not care and simply want Ethereum to ditch PoW and move to PoS on their Ethereum 2.0 blockchain?!

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4:05 GPU Mining is dying
5:25 Growth GRO DeFi and rAAVE
6:01 Linzhi Phoenix Miner
9:10 ProgPoW corporate FUD
11:11 Future of GPU mining? Ethereum arm’s race
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Linzhi Phoenix Ethereum ASIC miner earns $200 a day right now

Linzhi Not yet in a few weeks. 2-3 weeks

A11 is coming… and the new R&D project. I know the rumors :rofl:
and its gonna crush Linzhi

got to get back to my #Gamestonks

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Linzhi will never make to sell their miners, 4.4gb Memory they have their time till sept 2021

The will mine with it for themselves

This is true, my sources say its for friends and family… those machines wont leave china unless you pay top dollar 2x-3x over but that’s just not smart at that point. So keep mining away boys.


I did pay top dollar, for delivery in March. Wish me luck!

Will the linzhi 8gb be able to mine past the 4.4 gb dag cap of Aug 2021?
Also is a credible source to buy?

Sorry to say but you got scammed :face_with_head_bandage:

Scam site dude