This NEW Miner is quiet and PROFITABLE! Jasminer X16-Q Review

This new mining rig is quiet and profitable, it also does not consume very much electricity making it a great way to earn passive income at home mining cryptocurrencies, lets review the Jasminer X16-Q mining rig from Jingle Mining! Grab your own here, save coin with code VOSKCOIN - Jasminer X4 ETCHASH SERVER – Jingle Mining

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Low power usage from a miner means a low electricity bill, and it also means low heat and normally even means that it is quiet, and ironically thats what the Q stands for in the Jasminer X16-Q Ethereum Classic ETC ASIC miner it can also mean Ethash which is mining Ethereum based coins and forks, as well as dual mining like dual mining ETC + ZIL the best news of all is that this new mining rig earns more than it burns, but it is a bit pricey either way let’s answer the question of should you buy the jasminer x16 q ethereum classic mining rig?!

Our review of the Jasminer X4 (server miner) -
Be sure to watch our full electricity guide to mine safely -

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 This miner is quiet and has low power usage!
03:05 Where you can buy the Jasminer x16q?
04:17 You can mine some coins with this miner!
05:23 My mining data on the Jasminer x16q
07:15 Comparing the Jasminer x16q with the Jasminer x16P
08:30 How to configure a pool in the Jasminer x16q
09:58 My profitability with the Jasminer x16q
11:23 Emissions and Hashrate on Ethereum Classic
12:56 My honest opinion on the Jasminer x16q

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This NEW Miner is quiet and PROFITABLE! Jasminer X16-Q Review

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