This Pi 4 B+ build has two SATA HDD. Could this HDD mine?

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Taking a look at their website, the Kit-01 comes with a Raspberry Pi 4 B+, and everything but the SATA drives, for $216 USD. I’ve messaged them to see what the maximum size SDD is that will work in this set-up. If they don’t know, I’ll reach out to Raspberry for an answer. I’m intrigued by this…

I got a good thing today, maybe it can help your project

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The root question of can it HDD mine, I would fully expect it to work on the project.

My Pi 4, 4gb with a USB 3.0 caddie works perfect.
Other HDD projects I don’t know.
They would need an ARM based node config option, which Storj has.

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The current internet service where I live is not 100% solid. They’re running fiber past my neighborhood. We’re trying to get it where we are at the back of the property. If that happens, I’ll look into this more. Thank you.

I’ll have to watch the video. Thank you.