This Week in Mining - ETC suffers 51% attack, Bitmain shipments delayed

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A light news week for the mining industry:

  1. Ethereum Classic (ETC) was hit with a 51% attack that reorged 4,000 blocks. The attacker is estimated to have spent $204,000 USD on hashing power to double spend 800,000 ETC (approximately $5.6M USD). This is the second attack on ETC in the span of a week.
  2. Bitmain delays ASIC shipments as the internal battle between its cofounders rages on. Shipments due for June and July delivery have been further delayed til September and October.

The delay in Bitmain shipping ASIC miners, is going to KILL the Z15. By the time they’re out, the halving will happen, and they’ll have to sell them dirt-cheap.