This Week in Mining - Mysterious bidding war on NiceHash, miners exploit stablecoin to net millions

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A slow news week, but here’s the latest:

  1. Since last Sunday, there has been a mysterious bidding war on Nicehash for SHA-256 hashing power, with payouts as high as 15x more than what you’d expect while mining normally. As of this writing, the payout is still 2x, so be sure to get in while you can. If any readers can shed light on the situation or knows who’s behind this bidding war, please get in touch with us (; we’d like to know what’s happening.
  2. A group of miners took advantage of PegNet, a stablecoin protocol built on Factom to make out with $7 million dollars with a mere $11. The miners attempted to liquidate their ill-gotten gains on exchanges as quickly as possible.
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