Thoughts on Galaxy Miners (China)?

Has anyone used them ? I see their listing on but they aren’t “verified”. I’ve been mining with GPUs and am looking at making a move into ASIC. It seems unless you get a good deal on an ASIC device that the only profit goes to the power company and the ASIC rig seller. I don’t want to be lining other’s pockets for no reason.



Have Deals with Trusted Sellers, and as always ask voskcointalk too


prob a scam

Galaxy started a new division last year according to Yahoo news so whether the miner is good or
not will take time. I wouldn’t risk a dime on a newbie without knowing more. They should give away some miners to pros and to Vosk so we can get the 411 on it first. The company trades in Canada
with a $24 stock price so its a coin toss for now. Give us asic’s and we’ll help fine tune them!!

Galaxy Miner

Fideltiy Investment Guru to run Galaxy
Leading this new business is Amanda Fabiano, who joined Galaxy from Fidelity Investments, where she oversaw the firm’s mining investments and initiatives as Director of Bitcoin Mining. The team working alongside her brings deep experience at the intersection of traditional finance and digital assets, with backgrounds spanning real asset financing, non-traditional securitization, structured products, investment banking, and strategic advisory.