Thoughts on Kadena vs BTC

I’m starting new. I have some dry powder for 2 or 3 ASICS. I’m limited to ~20kw @ 240V all new wiring. I’ve realized, aside from spec mining, gpu mining is pretty much dead.

So my questions center around

(1) Kadena vs BTC

(2) Regarding the Bitmain Antminer - KA3 ASIC to be released in December (166 TH/S), are those high profits expected to be real? Or, are they gimmicky? If gimmicky, then real world expectations?

(3) If the KA3 is that profitable, I would love to pick up some dirt cheap new S19 miners for when BTC turns around. The XP may be doable. BUT everything above that is 480V, which I don’t have.

(4) Thoughts on less efficient S19 Pro miners, even if operating at a loss right now, just to have on hand at these low prices for new miners for when BTC starts moving up again?

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions!


  1. If you forced me to choose, I say mine BTC. It’s the safer bet. That being said I’d mine both if you can.
  2. First, the KA3 deliveries probably will be delayed given Bitmain’s history. Second, the profits shown are accurate for today’s difficulty. However, difficulty is expected to wildly increase with the release of these miners.
  3. The XP is a great option, incredibly efficient.
  4. The S19j Pro series is a nice speculative buy

That’s really good insight, thank you.

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I plan on using immersion cooling (also, for indoor noise suppression). I heard that some ASICS have software, which prevents OC’ing them. Are there any miners I should be wary of from an inability to boost output perspective?


I’m not aware of anyone overclocking Goldshell miners. But any Goldshell KDA miner is now completely outclassed by the Antminer KA3.

I know the S19j Pros can be overclocked. I don’t know about the XPs

You’re probably aware but overclocking costs efficiency. E.g., overclocking a S19j Pro by 20% might result in a 30% increase in power consumption. I’m just making up numbers, but this might be a deal breaker if you’re using residential power and are subject to ever-increasing “fuel surcharges” and/or if your power co is pounding the table with your state regulatory board for rate increases. For example, I know that my rates will go up 8.7% starting Jan 1st, and I consider myself to be lucky.

Also, your immersion setup will need to account for the extra heat that comes from running a normally 3100W rig that’s overclocked and now consumes 4400W. That’s a big increase in heat if your running 2-3 overclocked rigs.

In terms of KDA vs BTC, I’d diversify a bit. If you can swing it, perhaps two XPs and one KA3?


The heat from the coolant will be dumped outside via an air-cooled radiator style system. I plan on oversizing the coolant capacity and surface area.

If I start with efficient miners and OC a bit (without going crazy), I’m wondering if I would find that “sweet spot” of maximizing output while still not using too much power (as opposed to the purchase price of another miner PLUS its minimum power requirements). Basically, if I would be limited to 3 or 4 miners, with some power reserves, I want to be able to safely maximize the power I have left to use.

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Y are you immersion your asic kinda add a huge amount of money into your roi time. Proper airflow is really all that’s need to keep asic cool. And also a lot goes into immersion you have to clean your asic before it goes in and most won’t buy a immersion asic after u have it so trying to stay current on a asic will be nearly impossible with out a huge cash flow. Nowadays you need to stay current to make somewhat of a profit if not you’ll be left in the dark. Truthfully you need to think about upgrading I’d say ever year for btc or so as new model come out and for kda who know but @Zilina did a amazing chart on the decline of mining kda over next few month

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I’ll be welding my own submersion tanks. And for just a few ASIC miners, I can build a system for less than the cost of a single miner. Besides, I can’t have loud machines running 24/7. I’m looking at the S19XP, so I’ll be able to have it last for a few years. Once you move higher than that, the cost to go up from 240V to 415V also has to be considered for the latest water-cooled ASICs.

Once the BTC market heats up, unloading a well-maintained ASIC won’t be difficult. In fact, even OC’d, immersion cooled miners hold up better than air-cooled miners.

Best luck to you. I’m a big fan of immersion but don’t have the capital and resources to make it work :laughing:

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I would kind of think about BTC. Kadena is running at flat even if you’re running miners right now. Unless kadena goes up in value the bitmain miner will never break even. Especially after the network difficulty skyrockets, after they come out.

My 2c about the KA3:

Yes, the profits are real… right now. When people get their hands on them though the spike in difficulty will be similar to what happened in 2021 when people started mass buying the KD-BOX and KD5 …

Try this. plug in 10%+ difficulty change into this Kadena calculator with difficulty

How promising does it look? When all that hashrate is added to the market, do you have confidence the difficulty change will be anything under 15% a month? (may help to look at historical increase.

I’d say only buy the KA3 if you’re doing a hail mary on Kadena being one of THE COINS next cycle.

Otherwise I’d stick with the BTC miners.

Chart is KDA pricing vs difficult normalized to April 7th (per miningpoolstats). Upper line is difficulty, which has increased by 131% over the 6 month period, or averaging nearly 22% per month. I doubt that it’s going to get any better once those KA3s start shipping/hashing.

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Replying to my own post but does anyone know a source of raw data? I’d like the actual numbers and to be able to look back more than 6 months. Thx all!