Thoughts on scaling up mining

How do you handle scaling up a mining rig by adding more gpus versus building out an entirely new/second rig?

And to clarify, I mean second rig as in requiring an entirely separate and new setup (mobo, cpu, the lot), not just building say another stackable frame to hold more gpus you’d add to a current setup.

I’m currently mining with the asus b250 mining expert. Technically it can support 19 gpus. Not planning to get anywhere close to that :sweat_smile:… but I have 4 gpus currently, adding 2 more likely next week and potentially another 2 several weeks after. I’ll plan to add another psu as needed to this rig.

But, my main question is around weighing the pros and cons of building an entirely second rig setup if I were to move beyond an 8 gpu build.

Mainly this is for curiosity’s sake.

Any items to consider when scaling past a certain number of gpus?

Also any particular cool things you’ve done to arrange or setup multiple rigs in one location?