Thoughts on strongblock

I have an opportunity to move forward however I have a reserve. Has anyone ever moved on this coin & node ?

Did anyone reply?

Only you, I guess no-one knows about it yet?

So it seems that Strong Block was a rug pull. And now “Ring” nodes is being pushed by the same YouTuber. :eyes: Research is required.

I don’t think Strong is a rug pull. The barrier to entry is high. You need at least 10 strong to start with and the project being on etherum doesn’t help either. You have to pay extra to keep your nodes and the passive income in nodes is great. If I had the money I would get in with a heartbeat. The Calculator Guy, one of the most honest people I saw on crypto-space has the latest video on strong blocks and he mentions, this is the project that gave him financial freedom. Check his youtube channel

Interested to hear why it was a “rugpull”.

I will have to find the link on YouTube but it seems that several people have lost large amounts of their money.

Still not sure why people losing money would be a rug pull.
Wouldn’t that imply a piece of code stopping people from selling/withdrawing funds while the owners of the currency cash in?

Did anyone pull the plug on this. Interested to know as I am thinking to diversify in getting a node along with the ASIC and GPU rigs I have.

This is what I found, but I am still looking for the first video that pulled up some interesting things. Strongblock cryptocurrency update: Did I make money? - YouTube

So, I made a bold decision and deciided to purchase a node after going through heaps of documentation and YouTube videos on feedback and I did this along one of my friend to reduce the risk of going south incase if it’s a rull pull.

I got the node created and it started working in no time and after 22hrs, I can see 0.07 Strong in my rewards. I am only I get my ROI back for now and everything else will be a bonus.

Sounds good! How much Bread did you have to put down total? Keep me up to speed because I got an itchy finger. Also check out Ring & their nodes.

I checked the Ring nodes but they seem to be a bit more secretive about their operations and they are not audited or doesn’t have great info. The Ring node is at an attractive price $700-800 for a node but I am not sure but will keep an eye on it, thanks.

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How are the strong block nodes going ?

I just studied Strongblock yesterday and it looks interesting. The reason people lost money is because they entered into Strongblock with the purchase of 10 coins to start a node, some at the high in October of over $1100 per Strong coin. 10 coins at $1100 equals a $11,000 investment. Today the Strong coin is worth $519…at $519 per coin x 10 for a node, you would need to invest $5,190.

So, you could have paid $11,000 in October or $5,190 today for the same node. There are monthly fees associated with each node - about $20-30 for gas and other fees. If you do not pay these fees, after 30 days past due, you forfeit your node losing your future rewards. So those who got in at the high, have huge 50% losses on paper compared to today’s price.

Even with the price of the coin sinking, it looks like the average return on a node each month could be $1000 profit from what I saw.

After having a Strong block for 10-11 days, I finally received my first full strong token from it yesterday. Will have to wait for 100-110 days for the initial investment (ROI) but I am now thinking of creating an another node using the 10 tokens I receive in 3-4 months time which should then half the time I receive another 10 token and thereafter. So essentially I figured out that it takes 10-11 months for me to create 10 strong nodes to receive 9-10 Strong tokens a day. So it’s a long game for me, which needs lot of patience and consistency.

BTW The monthly fees on each strong node is roughly $14-15 USD, so also need to factor these into Investment.

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Even though I didn’t enter at the start of these strong blocks, I think I got my first one at a very good price ($450 USD) compared to $1000+ USD during the bull run or sometime in Oct. I think I wouldn’t have got one for myself at 1K price tag for a token but the only regret I had from that is I couldn’t buy a 2nd Goldshell Christmas Combo box as I created a node on that very same day. Trying to convince myself that you loose some to gain some and hope it pays off in the long run

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$450 was a golden ticket ! Thanks for the input.

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Plus no electricity costs.

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Good Evening fellas, how is the Strongblock project going?