TikTok PUMPS Dogecoin Cryptocurrency | ÐOGE going to $1?!

Dogecoin volume is up over 600% and the price is up over 60% in the last week thanks to TikTok users PUMPING the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Let’s review if DOGE can hit $1 dollar a coin?! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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The TikTok Dogecoin pump is quite literally illegal lol but legality aside let’s review what is going on with Dogecoin, is it the best investment of 2020 or on track to be? 2020 has shown us that thanks to retail stock and crypto buyers, nothing really has to make sense anymore. Hertz was worth more after they went bankrupt, and Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency with basically no unique features or development is now topping price charts and news headlines. Viral social media marketing since its inception, has always been one of the most powerful pieces of marketing … ever. Dogecoin is a fun cryptocurrency based on the Doge meme. Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin and somehow managed to squander his opportunity to not only make money but also to lead a fun project to be a market leader in innovation and impact. Is this the awkward beginning to the next cryptocurrency bullrun, perhaps all of these new retail crypto traders will be the surge crypto needs!

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it’s kind of sad that people will fall for a TikTok that states it will moon… a coin that’s been long dead, cannot revive like that lmao smh

Chinese manipulation at its finest lol

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honestly kind of blows my mind, gives me hope for another ridiculous bullrun though lol


These secret scrypt ASIC farms are KILLING IT lol

green candle to red candle in the blink of an eye