$TIME, $MEMO, wMEMO and Pendle Finance

So let me take you down the rabbit hole here and explain what I have come to find. I have learned that wonderland is definitely just that, a venturing journey through an expansive network that has now become something much greater than a first glance at that red flag APY. I have learned that you can not only continue to earn the interest on your staked MEMO when you wrap it to wMEMO, but you can also now stake these wMEMO using pendle finance in a FACET of ways. the whitepaper (Pendle Introduction | Pendle Documentation) is kind of a lot to digest, very technical yet breaks it down very nicely explains that you can maintain and OWN your asset as you enter into a contract much like options with stocks, to utilize the yield on interest bearing tokens. This site is not exclusive with $TIME ($MEMO to be exact) yet all yield bearing tokens that now expand from ERC20 to AVAX network LP tokens. You can utilize your yield in two ways, you can leverage it for APR bearing LP tokens, or you can REALIZE THE PROFIT immediately. Now it sounds like a loan, and in a way it is however it requires NO COLLATERAL and has NO INTEREST due, once your contract expires you can withdraw your Ownership Tokens in a 1:1 ratio for their value. Keep in mind that wMEMO continues to intrinsically appreciate every 8 hour rebase, so it will ALWAYS bear that APY from time wonderland as you use it here. So in a sense you can borrow from your future yield to earn up to three times on your tokens while they are staked on wonderland.

Has anyone else looked into this?!


:eyes: worth a look

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