Tired of the disrespect and disregard

I have had enough watching a friend struggle mentally, financially, physically, you name it. You shill big sky asics around here meanwhile he left us hung out to dry for $42,000. Have some integrity and pay what was agreed and than make your decision about us. Good riddance.

What happened? What do you mean?

you look ridiculous without sharing elaborate details, please tell your full story or we’ll just ban you for baseless FUD


yeah im going what are you talking about there original poster, anything shared here and on youtube is not financial advice, crypto is a long term investment as stocks , you as the consumer is also the one who ultimatily will decide if you spend x amount on x machine, no one is forcing you to spend x amount of money on a machine/miner , there is no quik profit

For your own sanity the thumb of rule is with any investment if you cant afford to loose it then dont do it , also educate yourself bit with crypto-rate of return on miners, some miners will take 2-4 years to return you investment if the prices keep stable at the buying point, and sadly now with market beeing as it is now its double that

Full story is the person I source miners for was told numerous times by Aaron that payment was coming on a specific date that was of his choosing. He asked for an invoice, got it. Came time to pay us and fix the overall newly outstanding balance (caused by him, for him based off his word) and did not.

This has been brought up numerous times. You need to settle this with @Aaron_Raycove.

Asked for details, no details/sources/examples/data, banned.


Was that Gpugold ? It sounded like his ranting.

It’s obvious he was gpugoldllc. I’m glad to see that he’s gone. He’s probably come back again with a new username under different ip. Thanks @VoskCoin

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Wrong number!

911 what’s your emergency?