To diverse coinage or full time mine for bitcoin

Hi all,

I don’t normally message on here but I could do with some guidance.

I gave up on GPU mining not long after the end of Ethereum Mining came to an end. Since I sold my equipment I decided to reinvest what I made to purchase Asic Miners.

Now I currently have 2x CK-Box, KD-Lite, HS-Lite and a Jasminer X4-Q.

So whilst my mining is quite diverse, all of their earnings are all being converted into Bitcoin and something tells me deep down that’s a mistake. I’m nearly 0.2BTC I know that it will probably a good amount of years to get 1 BTC.

Should I keep on mining for BTC as the most safest asset or should I mine and be proudly stack the coins I mine?

Feeling quite lost as I’m starting to question myself for the next ASIC Miner to buy.

Thank you all to those who take the time to read this, mostly appreciated and look forward to the comments.

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