Toddminer C1 Firmware 10,000 CKB Bounty

I will send the first person that gets me a working version of the firmware for the Toddminer C1 by Todek 10,000 CKB. Please note, this must be for the C1 and not C1 Pro. The firmware for the C1 Pro does not work on the C1 as I have found out the hard way.

Did the reset help to get back to original status?

The first person who comes out with a crypto miner diagnose and repair company is going to be seriously rich.

No. Not in this situation. It resets settings. But it does not roll back firmware.

This is still available. No one has sent me the firmware yet.

Coinminingcentral did it. After three months of pestering and bothering everyone in the world, Coinminingcentral got me what I needed. And even though I didn’t buy the unit from them, they helped me anyway and passed on the 10,000 CKB. Great group of people over there. Trustworthy and helpful. If you need to trust an online crypto shop, they’re the ones.

Your welcome…lol…glad your fixed up

Man… Great
I was also in the duck hunt asking out people for the firmware (bounty hungry)

I asked akminer and didn’t have it…

hello, i’m sorry to bother you but i don’t know what to do i’m looking for the firmware of the toddminer c1 and can’t find it anywhere. can you help me? thank you

Please if somebody have this fw can you send me on, i already tried coin mining centrál but they said that they dont have firmware