Toddminer c1 pro came in

Gotta wait till next week to set up,I didn’t pay attention on amazon on when my radiator will be shipped so I bought another one on ebay last night and should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. My bitcool came in today as well(very fast shipping ). Gonna grab a fish tank when my radiator comes and we’ll be off to the races on this journey for passive income.
Tomorrow I order an Innosilicon g32-1800 test unit (wish me luck).
I wish all the best of luck on this broad but narrow road.
PS…Can this model be overclocked?

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You got some ball bro! I will have my fingers crossed for you man I hope it all works out!

lol,you aint seen nothin yet,lol…I know its risky buuuutttttt,I take risks,I’m a gambler. Only way to learn real lessons in life,the one’s that cost you …

as long as you can survive the losses rock on bro

I wasn’t aware this machine is not profitable??? Did I miss something? Ck5 is about what,$20 a day miner at 1.3 hash,this c1 pro mines same algo with 1.7 more hash with less then double power cost. My area is $0.07 KW. Did they change something and I not see? But if your talking about the Innosilicon,I can survive,I can also make the world know not to buy from xxxx

I wasn’t talking about anything specific but Vosk just made a new post about his TodMiner

Can you send a link,I didn’t get that memo,lol? Thanks MeatyMouse

I wish I had this info 2 weeks ago,frown,might slap it on ebay,will definitely slap on ebay if this other miner comes in and works.

Thats the gamble with ASIC’s, I would still test the miner when you get it but I wouldn’t be putting it in oil until after those tests went perfectly lol

I just got info on a super miner coming out,so good I’m probably gonna go ahead and sell my C1 pro,waiting to see what this particular one goes for on ebay. But Hummer is coming out with a new miner that looks pretty profitable. The Hummer H1 Mars,good price below $2000,roi in less then 20 days,WOW. I definitely have my eye on this one. Already emailed Hummer support,just waiting on a reply. They also carry a h9 that looks ok but only 1 pool pays well so for $50 more I’d rather the H1. Will keep yall posted.

lol that sounds fake but if you can get confirmation from Hummer at least they are a real company… they are on coinminingcentral so must be real

Honestly I don’t trust coinminingcentral…I had a chance to buy my miner from them but chose not to…Hummer has a website with prices and specs…get about 4 or 5 of them bad boys

Was emailed saying they were in,my girl from alibaba said they won’t be out till June’ish. The site is a little generic and scary…reminds me of the obeliskimmersion site(scam)

My fingers are crossed.

Ever heard of the BH miner?

good luck man lol, way too risky for my taste

Thank you,its the gambler side of me. I’ve lost more flipping coins,lol. Lonnnngggg story.

I just have to inform you this looks like a scamming website…Hummer has got only a Chinese’s website, if you want to buy for European or Us shipping you must contact Hangreat Co Ltd
You can join Kristen (She ships me all miners I purchase from this company) on what’s app mobile number +86 13418646741
Warehouse address:

A705,Qiche Building,
Zhenhua Road,Futian,

They accept Paypal, by the way Hummer Mars h1 is not arrived yet, they are waiting these next days for it…Feel free to call Kristen tell her you come from Stephane Switzerland, if she’s in a good mood she’ll make you a little discount but miner price is not so expensive june batch around 1800 usd July batch 1300 usd…Hope this help you…

Be carefull of English asicminer website, everytime a new asic comes out many English scamming wesbite comes online at the same time saddly, last one was for, real one was, and Hummer looks exactly the same style but cant say 100% is fake…If you want I can ask Kristen and reply to you…Feel free to ask me if you’d like to know the truth…My mobile +41 76 328 00 74 Whats app