Top 5 Coins YOU NEED To Buy or Mine in 2023

Focusing on the fundamentals makes the most money with investments long-term, proven historically, and I am focusing on exactly these with my top 5 coins that I am actively buying or mining to maximize my returns in 2023 and 2024! Subscribe!

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Everyone knows Bitcoin is great and we all want to mine or buy more BTC, and most people think Dogecoin will hit new all time highs so definitely adopt some doges, and Litecoin LTC will be dragged upwards with these two other cryptocurrencies but what about the thousands of other crypto coins? There are several cryptocurrencies that are fundamentally very strong, they make money, have raised money, and or are investing a lot of their funds into their ecosystems. Today we are going to be looking at top mineable coins that well you don’t even have to mine them, you could just buy them to get that easy price exposure like Kadena KDA, and Nervos Network CKB, and CHIA crypto that is mined with hard drives yes HDD mining! Among many other small market cap cryptocurrencies like Handshake HNS, zelcash FLUX, ravencoin RVN, and, uh, there’s zcash zec too lol IDK if i’d bother with that one!

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Top 5 Coins YOU NEED To Buy or Mine in 2023


Saw the video, thanks as always. I’m kinda at the point where it isn’t about what to mine and make money, it’s finding a cheap miner, low power, that mines at the highest rate possible. I think right now, its about stacking coins and staking. Chia won’t make you rich, but it could help out a little each month. Had the choice of Doge or Shiba and I took Shib. I made some on it, sold and am back in at a lower price waiting for it to go up again. My two HNT miners are making about .30 cents a day but it’s above the electric bill so I let them run. Would love to see some Pi miners, mini miners, gpus that could make more than the electric bill and stack coins. Thank you Vosk, Alexa and TAILS! Howard

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Anyone have any experience with SenseCap? They have a Flux Node that can be pre-ordered.
Never purchased anything from SenseCap so was curious as to what others may have experienced.