Top DAPPs on Polygon MATIC

Polygon MATIC is arguably the most anticipated blockchain after Ethereum, it was originally an ETH layer-2 solution but has a blossoming ecosystem of decentralized apps and smart contracts now! Subscribe!

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Top DAPPs on Polygon MATIC is a question I have been wondering, and chatGPT didn’t know the answer so I started doing a lot of research on defillama! Stargate bridge is a great way to be bridging tokens to polygon matic and other blockchains. Then I started researching Balancer and the BAL token along with AAVE making trades on Quickswap, Lido staking, and of course making MEV protected trades on Cowswap… Then I tried some awful play to earn NFT crypto games lol, here are some of the top dapps in defi some with NFTs to watch out for on Polygon MATIC!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Top Polygon Dapps
00:48 Exploring Polygon blockchain
03:11 Getting your funds into the Polygon chain
04:12 Exploring AAVE on Polygon
05:36 Exploring Quickswap on Polygon
09:33 Exploring Balancer on Polygon
16:04 Exploring Uniswap on Polygon

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Top DAPPs on Polygon MATIC

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