Town star game with mining maybe?

Came across this thru a Brave browser ad.
Trying it out since I can do it free. Sign in requirements were less than some crypto sites I’ve explored. Still in beta testing but intriguing so far.

I am starting to see more and more legit play and get paid in real cash types of games. I think its dangerous, though, to call blockchaining a game.

Getting paid to play stuff has been around for a while, though it’s generally pretty poor payout for your time. Stormplay, AppFlame, Mistplay, and Gamekit have all been around for a couple of years now. Those are more services that get paid by companies to funnel players into their games. A lot of individual blockchain games that claim to pay players usually require a bigger investment than most players will see as a return.

I agree many are not good payouts. I approach these from different direction though. I find these form of build games relaxing. I consider my payout mostly as lowering stress and calming; a payout, if any, is at most tertiary in importance to me. If I earn fiat, coin, or not is not the main goal in my weird way of thinking.
Blockchain interests me and I enjoy learning and exploring the variances but my miners are my moneymaker, these others are just fun explorations of the diversity that is crypto friend.