Trade on Multiple Crypto Exchanges AT THE SAME TIME + Crypto Trading Bots!

It’s a cryptocurrency bullrun which means there are constantly incredible trades to be made with cryptocurrency across many different crypto exchanges, this non-custodial app lets you do just that and they even built their own crypto trading bots! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Start trading yourself or with bots on CryptX Terminal!
Read this CryptX Terminal review by Miss Vosk! CryptX: The All-in-One Platform that Integrates Your Exchanges | by Miss Vosk | VoskCoin | May, 2021 | Medium
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CryptX offers a suite of cryptocurrency services but their premier platform is the CryptX Terminal that offers a suite of trading tools for cryptocurrency traders in a non-custodial format. Non-custodial means that CryptX is never in control of your funds, you simply link the terminal with any cryptocurrency exchanges you use to enable it to trade. CryptX has also created its own crypto trading bots that you can custom program and operate right from the CryptX dashboard. Let’s review crypto trading bots and trading with CryptX!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 CryptX non-custodial crypto trading platform and bots
04:52 Connecting cryptocurrency exchanges via API
06:20 The CryptX Dashboard
07:11 Using CryptX to trade using multiple exchanges
07:52 Automate your trading with Crypto Trading BOTS
09:38 CryptX Terminal crypto trader tool
10:33 CryptX makes trading cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges easy

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CryptX Terminal and trading bots review

Attempted several times to add my KuCoin API, and I keep getting error from Cryptx. I’ll try again after work.

are you using acct pw vs trading pw?

I decided to give this a try as well and I’m also constantly getting errors from KuCoin. I tried Coinbase as well, which does not generate the same amount of errors. I only played around with obscure trading pairs though and the errors could be a result of too small volumes (not enough to fill orders). Maybe I would get a totally different result from using for example ETH-USDT as trading pair.
Only tested this with small amounts. Apart from the errors the bots seem to be ok. Too bad they need to be constantly monitored and without option (not what I can find at least) to receive any error alerts via email. Really good as a trading platform though, since you can connect, overlook and trade on several exchanges without logging on to several platforms.

Just want to highlight I don’t have any problems adding the API’s. My problem is that the bots crash