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What if you could trade your skills, services, and time for cryptocurrencies?! This new project has launched a token to power their gig economy marketplace on the blockchain!
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Trade your services for crypto w/ Time Coin Protocol!
Compass the Bitcoin mining marketplace!

Gig economies are huge, Fiverr, Uber, DoorDash and many others are experiencing record growth so if Time Coin Protocol can create a marketplace for services, and digital freelancers like upwork and fiverr then their project will be huge. I personally would much rather utilize a marketplace powered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as opposed to centralized services!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 TIMECOIN = Blockchain + Fiverr + E-Sports
00:13 The GIG economy growing rapidly
00:33 Record growth in streaming platforms and gaming
00:49 Ethereum all-time high
01:10 Ten seconds of Tails
01:52 Huge pump but also a dump
02:34 Good trading volume
02:51 Token Sale discounts
03:20 What is the Decentralized sharing economy
03:47 Please be advised this is a project in it’s early stages
04:12 The team behind TIMECOIN is big and well established
05:05 TIMECOIN in Cointelegraph
05:22 Playing games with top YouTubers & Influencers
06:30 Proof of caring. Getting TIMECOIN by participating
07:12 Initial Exchange Offering on BitForex. TIMECOIN ticker = TMCN
07:33 Development of Dapp for Timeticket already a very big & successful platform
07:53 CEO explains the reasons for developing a Dapp
09:06 TIMECOIN is an interesting and ambitious project
09:48 They could use more DEFI aspects

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Time Coin Protocol TMCN review