Trading Bots on Crypto Exchanges

Good day
Has anybody ever played around with Trading bots on crypto exchanges at all?

I found a few that might be more normal trading bots but they don’t offer a log of flexibility in terms of if you want to try your own trading strategy.

Lastly, there is another trading platform that actually allows you to write your own stuff (a little bit more involved) called MetaTrader.

Let me know if anybody has ever played with these and if you have had any good results?


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I played around for more then a year with the wolfpackbot but in the end there is a lost. So that is why i jumped over to mining and staking/masternodes.

also experience with cryptohopper.


I run through all the trails on the other platforms and all made a loss.

I am no rather writing my own strategy on MetaTrader which atleast gives me the control.

Have you ever played with that platform?