Transfering BTC from FTX App to MetaMask

I tried jumping head first into this. I finally deposted USD into FTX in order to … well, to get started investing, Somehow I converted it to Bitcoin and now I cant gigure out how to convert it to ethereum or transfer it the MetaMate so that I can stain coin on my Deeper Connect Mini, which is already setup. Im also having trouble with putting more money into my acvounts. My credit cards and bank cards keep getting denied. Miney is not the problem. Making the transaction are just not working. Help!?

Call your bank… your triggering fraud alerts… tell them your sending to a trusted source and its your money to do as you please… the banks and credit card companies all have training wheels but their denial is supposed to prompt you to ask them why… good luck… worked for me…

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Thanks. But thats only one answer to my questions

@Elroy1986 I don’t use ftx, but you should be able to just convert the btc to back to usd. Then you can do what you want with it. YouTube is full of tutorials for this kind of stuff…you should really do some research before just jumping in, it will pay off a lot to spend a couple hours of learning vs paying transfer fees you normally wouldn’t need to or losing your money…or both. FOMO will kick your ass!

I figured out jow to send it yo Coinbase.

Now Om stuck on MetaMask trying to import Yirldzilla in. Its not working. I suspect I missed d at ome strp related to importing the wallet or network or something. Mystery to me. Sll of the youtubers had already done it before filming. Useless.